About Sports Social Rank

Sports Social Rank is a ranking of sports teams and players based on twitter followers being updated every 15 minutes.
Twitter data is the best social data for tracking fan behavior. According to comScore, “Fans uniquely turn to Twitter during live events as their second — and primary — screen to learn what’s happening in real time. Across key live entertainment and sporting events throughout the world, Twitter, on average, sees a +4.1% lift in unique visitors while other social platforms, in aggregate, see no significant change. The difference is even more pronounced with tentpole sports events. During the 2017 Super Bowl, Twitter saw a +19% lift in unique visitors (versus average Sunday traffic) while other social platforms, in aggregate, saw a decline in unique visitors.”
Currently the site shows data from these categories NFL, NBA, MLB, College Football,College Basketball, MLS, NFL Players, Premier League, and FCS Football. We will continue to update this list of categories in the future.

About George Chamoun

The site was created by George Chamoun as a software development intern for the Samford Center for Sports Analytics. If you have any questions or just want to connect George's linkedin is listed below. George can also be reached at Gchamoun@samford.edu.

About Samford Center For Sports Analytics

The Samford University Center for Sports Analytics promotes the ethically-centered, rational inquiry into issues at the burgeoning intersection of big data, analytics, and sports. The center seeks to be an international thought leader in the emerging field of sports analytics by providing a forum for industry professionals and students to learn about the increasing role of analytics in the global sports industry. The center is dedicated to fostering growth and innovation in this arena, and the center seeks to enrich opportunities for learning about the sports industry. The center's mission encompasses all areas where analytics impacts sports including fan engagement, sponsorship, player tracking, sports medicine, sports media and operations.